Welcome to Alpine Atlantic Global Asset Management AG

Alpine Atlantic Global Asset Management AG is an independent Swiss investment management company providing personalized wealth management solutions for individual private clients and families. We are a “Global Macro” investment manager and invest and diversify globally, always looking for the best investment opportunities worldwide.

Dynamic changes in global markets demand a rethinking of traditional investment strategy. As traditional markets struggle with tough economic and political changes, new markets are emerging. It is more important than ever to think globally and to explore new investment opportunities in order to achieve better investment results and to control risk.

We focus on macroeconomic changes and identify value drivers created thereof. Taking a holistic view, we consider a client’s personal goals and concerns as well as existing investments and their personal commitments and responsibilities. The end product is a personalized plan that complements their existing investments and realizes their international investment goals.

Our mission is to help our clients to expand the scope of their strategy in order to address these global changes and to protect and grow their wealth.