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Family Office Investment Services

While managing investment portfolios is our core competence, we work hard to fill our role as partner to realizing ones wealth management goals. Our service, thus, goes beyond simply managing investments to helping clients in making strategic plans, implementing those plans and pursuing their goals. Our service is a turnkey solution that includes among other things

We avail clients of our experience and connections to help guide them in their efforts to identify and formalize their goals and needs, to explore wealth management strategies, to identify applicable legal issues and to address and evaluate possible service providers. Augmenting our work, we are able to source services through a global network of professionals each with many years of experience in their chosen area of specialty.

Once a client is established, our primary role as investment manager begins in earnest. We provide truly independent investment management that focuses only on the interests of the client. Communications with our partner-clients are ongoing, supported by electronic reporting services and personal updates. We maintain regular contact with our clients and remain open at all times to their queries. Transparent, honest communications are core to our service and the growth of our relationships.