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Investment Update March 2018

A new chapter begins
2018 – Volatility is back
What should investors do in 2018
January 2015 Investment Outlook

International & Emerging Markets in 2015
The risks for the US Dollar
Precious metals coming back to life?
October 2014 Investment Update & Outlook
The (Investment) World five years from now

Identifying Trends
The dominant structural driver
Stronger economic momentum
May 2014 Investment Update & Outlook
Creating Value in a World of New Normals

Global GDP growth still low
The much bigger story
January 2014 Investment Update & Outlook
2014 - Moving Forward to the New Normal

Higher rates and slower growth
2014 positive for equities
August 2013 Investment Update
The Global Rebalancing

Long term goal
The current debt burden
Gold supply and demand
April 2013 Investment Update
The Equity Market Paradox - New Normal or the Big Turn?

The Bank of Japan
Precious metals correction
The EU and Cyprus
Librarium Insights   
Welcome to The Librarium: Purveyors of independent thought –
Learn more about what we do and how we can help you
navigate the complex world we all inhabit.
The Librarium 8 Pages About…Series: Get Insights Into Topical Current Issues With Investable Ideas.
8 pages about…The history of fiat currencies & gold:
Perspectives from mankind’s long and often troubled experiments with the concept of money & a look at the ultimate global currency: Gold.
8 Pages about... Investing in Innovation:
Innovation applied in core economic sectors is the most consistent & rewarding returns generators for investors, here we take a look at the optimal path to harness these powerful dynamics.
8 Pages about... The New Thing In Financial Innovation: THE I.C.O.:
What has been called the ‘internet of value’ – digital assets, blockchain technology & crypto currencies has vast potential & much hype & hubris – here we take a sober look at the space.
8 pages about…The future of Energy:
A look at the changing composition of the global energy mix & the innovative technologies driving these important dynamics.
8 Pages about…Bitcoin & the crypto sphere:
A personal journey down the crypt with some lessons from history and some different perspectives on this topical area.
8 Pages about…Global Debt:
Money makes the world go around & it’s hyper active cousin, debt/credit has turned up the frequency with some benefits & many troublesome episodes throughout history. Here we take a look at some of the lessons.
8 Pages about…Passive Vs. Active Investing:
In the long evolution of finance every now and then a new, supposed superior way of making money with money is hoisted on to the stage. It is often a two-step forward & one-step backward situation. Here we take a look at the latest developments.
The Around the World in 8 Pages Series: A quarterly to the point journey putting the spotlight on key events & trends in geopolitics, macroeconomics & with a focus on investment risks & opportunities.
Q4 2017: A look at events around the world & reflections on risks and opportunities during Q4 2017.
Q1 2018: A look at events around the world & reflections on risks and opportunities during Q1 2018.
Q2 2018: A look at events around the world & reflections on risks and opportunities during Q2 2018.
Q3 2018: A look at events around the world & reflections on risks and opportunities during Q3 2018.
Q4 2018: A look at events around the world & reflections on risks and opportunities during Q4 2018. Seeing the World from another point of view.
The Librarium Focus Series: Here we take a journey into the field with different experts, who provide us with their perspectives on selected areas of interest.
Investing in Healthcare: A look at trends & investable ideas in the Healthcare sector with the guidance of renowned thinker, educator, entrepreneur & activist Dr. Arlen Meyers.
Investing in Cyber Security: A look at the trends and investable ideas in the cyber security sector including a 'best practices' guide for investors on how to keep their assets & data secure.
The Librarium Geo-Strategic Perspectives Series: Here we take deep dives into singular issues pertaining to geopolitics, economics & financial markets with renowned experts.
The Russia Question: A look at the increasingly hostile relationship between the US & Russia, one of the so-called revisionist powers, who's use of unconventional warfare is on the rise.