About us

About Us

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, our partners bring many years of experience in all facets of banking and investments. Especially skilled in building and managing globally diversified investment portfolios our partners are, more importantly, skilled in quality client focused service and solutions. We are not interested in “quick-fix” engagements with clients but rather in long term partnerships built on mutual trust and cooperation. 

Working with a “Global Macro” investment strategy, a world view is taken on investments. Investments typically have a moderate risk exposure as we optimize the risk/return profile is optimized by broadly diversifying the client’s investments. The strategic asset allocation is carefully planned and flexible, allowing for response to today’s challenging and often volatile market environment. We are by nature interested in  conservative long term investing with a goal of wealth protection and steady growth. 

As a truly independent advisor we depend on quality strategic partners that can support the work undertaken for our clients. Among these are legal and accounting experts as well as a number of highly reputable Swiss private banks that act as custodians and of course wealth managers.